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         Booklets on New Calvinism
               by Dr. Robert R. Congdon


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Study Guide for
"Setting the Stage for the Final Act?"

8 Lessons
84 pages with answer guide
individual or group study
his guide will help the student to better understand that God is in control of world history, as well as individual lives. Godliness will triumph over evil and God will be glorified!

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Questioning Why?

Recognizing New Calvinism’s impact and influence, especially on Christians between the ages of twenty and forty, it is hoped that a careful clarification and examination of the teachings and beliefs of New Calvinists will reveal why they are in error. After several years of studying this movement, the author’s desire is to explain why New Calvinism appeals to the next generation of Christian leaders and how older men, such as John Piper and Al Mohler, are providing what appears to be deep biblical teaching, but in reality, is traditional Reformed/Covenant theology that has been repackaged in post-modern “wrappings.”  (more...)

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Although it first appeared to be only a “ripple effect” of New Calvinism, this movement’s teaching regarding election has taken on tsunami proportions as it rapidly spreads throughout the greater evangelical world threatening the proclamation of the gospel and dividing churches, mission agencies, believers, and families.

This doctrine, that once was only a theoretical discussion among Bible scholars, has caught the attention of many Christians today, especially young adults between the ages of 20 and 40. They are being told that the Gospel of salvation is for the elect only; therefore, the need to proclaim it is not all that urgent, for God has already chosen those who will be saved regardless of what they do or do not do.

Because this erroneous understanding of the doctrine of election is becoming widely accepted today, there is a compelling need to search the Scriptures for the truth regarding it.

This study offers a distinctly different perspective on election and how it relates to God’s purposes for creation and His ultimate goal for history. It offers a biblically sound explanation to the part election plays in that divine purpose, while maintaining each individual’s choice and responsibility toward God. Properly understood, this alternative view makes election a doctrine that can be taught with joy and hope for all.

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