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  Article 1 Is the "last trump" the same as the 7th trumpet of the book of Rev?
Old Testament Materials
Feasts of Israel - Leviticus 23
Ten Judgments of Egypt Numbers 33:4 
Ten Times Israel Tempted God
Calendar of the Feasts of the Lord - R Congdon 
Instructions for Understanding the Feast's Calendar
Separatist Heart of the Christian Fundamentalist
Symptoms of Neo-Evangelicalism

Understanding the Crucifixion Chronology

      Chronology - Download Version
New Covenant Promises - Jeremiah 31 
Sheol - Hades - Hell . . . What Does That Word Mean? 
Doubling of Knowledge - Daniel 12 
Ten Denials of the Jehovah's Witnesses


Nineveh - Easton's Revised Bible Dictionary


Duty to Israel - Robert Murray M'Cheyne Sermon

[Download Version - Duty to Israel]

Early Scottish Missions to the Jews - Israel My Glory Jun/Jul 1989

Reference Materials

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